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Software Credits

All posing and character work is done in DAZStudio. Postwork, layering, and texturing are done in Gimp. And, finally, I put it all together and make it go boom with ComicLife.

3D Credits

To put together this comic I use an immense amount of items, many of them free. I've done my best to credit and link each and every one of these generous folk, but sometimes I slip up. If you find wrong, missing, or out-of-date information on this page, or if you just want better info on how or where I used something, please let me know via the contact form on my about page.

3DMan: Cadillite (Claude, Damon).

3DSC: Medieval Project 2006 (West).

3DTrue: Curtains (hotel scene (Ria)).

3Dream: BoyHair (Isidro, Kiesha), Kybele Hair (Julia, Jack), Galatea Hair (Krystal), Agent hair (Murdoch, Ranford), Office Chair (Office of the Public Defender, Riley's Office), Egypt hair (Travis), LittleOne (various background shots).

3d-pinups: Elaborate Bed (Krystal's room).

3dc: TabletPC (Alain, Darwin), Ashtray & Cigarette (Blaine), Coffee Machine (Casablanca Cab Company), Mini PC (Darwin), Free SF Corridor (IAF Base, Corinne's Room), Apartment 2260 (Meeting room, Corinne's Room), Cigarette (Murdoch), Cargo props (Murdoch's headquarters, Darwin's headquarters), Loft Apartment (Pitt's HQ), Dogtags (Rieve), Simple Jewelry (Rieve), Industrial Building (Sugar Magnolia's).

9mbi: Primrose outfit (Claude, Jamie, Miri), Garden Nast outfit (Lena).

ABGraphics: 5-Ring Earpierce (Anastasia, Murdoch, Rafe, Zeke), Inezza for V3 (Tara).

ADP: Gothic Spa (Uptown party scenes).

AS3 Design: Lamp (toy store).

AdamThwaites: Pod (Alain('bomb' at toy store)), Smoking Set (Alain, Lena, Murdoch, Nik, Rafe, Savoy), Bubble Gum (Corinne), Morphing Glasses (Franz), Satchel (Lena), Morphing Tissue (McCauley), Playing Cards (Ria, Rieve, Travis, Zeke, extras), Chain (Squat scene), TCard (model for doles; various scenes), Burger (university cantina).

Adzan: MalikV Outfit (Blaine, Darwin), Etienne Outfit (Blaine, Junie), Ode outfit (Blaine, Murdoch, Extras), Solar Solace Outfit (Corinne, Faden), Small Sins Outfit (Darwin), Painted Osculus Outfit (Darwin, Junie), Still Life/ Still Morning Suit (Darwin, Penn), Steel Abberant Outfit (Faden, Twoshot, Vern), Monoculture Outfit (Junie, Extras), Indir (Murdoch), Concrete Extant Outfit (Sal, Extras).

AerySoul: MyShirt2 (Anastasia, Gabrielle), Aermy (Clea), Mahina Light Armor Bodice (Kris), MyVest (Lena), Everyday Vest (Lena, Nik), Skorpio Rising Scenery (Murdoch's headquarters, Darwin's headquarters).

Age of Armour: Advanced DAZ Studio Light Bundle (all lights, November 2013 onward), Atmospheric Effects Cameras (various special effects).

Aio: Whiteday Pants (Faden, Twoshot), M3 Jacket (Nik, Rafe).

AllenArt: Morphing Pot (party scenes).

Amazonix: Breakable Table (Darwin's HQ).

Amigo968: textures for V3 Short Dress.

Andi3D: AK-74 (Ana).

AndreaC: The Street (various street scenes).

Anna Benjamin & ElorOnceDark: The Privateer (Anastasia, Carin, Darwin, Domi, Ellen, Jamon, Louie, Nik, Rafe, Twoshot, Zeke).

AntFarm: Sting-Ray Flying Car (Fausto).

Anton: Apollo Maximus (Baron, Faden, Fausto, Hob, Ian, McCauley, Riley, Sal, Schuerman, Twoshot, Vern, Yves, Extras), Apollo Epic Clothing Library (Faden, Fausto, Hob, Ian, McCauley, Riley, Sal, Yves, Extras), Bluntcut hair (Julia).

Aoaio: Florentine Hunt (Corinne, Ellen).

Apple_UK: SF Modules 1-2 (IAF Transport).

AprilYSH: Wynter Hair (Alain, Ria), Vayne Braid (Ana, Ellen, Serena), Estio Hair (Claude, Jamie, Pitt), Jamie Hair (Denny, Franz), Mitch Hair (Extras), Harper Beanie Hair (Rieve), Portia Hair (Talia, dTwoshot), Horsetail Hair (Zeke).

ArcadiaZone: Bedroom Furniture (Imperial Guest Room).

Arcebus: The Bronze (various street scenes).

Area50: Beer glasses (Grill), Beer tap (Grill barroom), Sci-fi screen (Office of the Public Defender, Quinn's office, IAF Office, Commander's office, Riley's office, Detectives' Offices).

Arien Graphics: AikeEVE Dress (Vivienne), textures for Harper Beanie hair (n/a).

Arki: Gothika Mirror (Krystal's Room).

Arrogathor: Card table (hotel scene (Ria)).

Arrowhead42: Blues Club (race scenes, dinner scenes).

ArtisticMeanderings: textures for V3 Clothing Pack.

Assassin_21: textures for RococoDress, textures for Patchwork Quilt.

AxeSwipe: Sloop (Ian).

BAR-CODE: Hyposprayer (Corrine), Injector Unit (Denny, Yves).

BATLab: Cangal Suit 3 (Corinne).

Bandolin: Energy Pistol (Ana, Edie).

Baron Vlad Harkonnen: SWAT Gear (Anastasia, Ellen, Nik).

BeyondVR: Bracelet 3 (Corinne).

Blondie9999: Let's Put On A Show (Daphne), Diner Food & Tableware (Midtown Restaurant, Murdoch), Picnic Basket (Roger), Fantasy and Sci-Fi Effects (various gunshots).

Bobbie25: M5 Casual Set (Cory, Hob), D20 Gear (Domi, Nik, extras), Tre Set (Sam), Hitman (Zeke).

CB Designs: textures for Apollo Epic.

Capsces: Hitaro Hiro Morphs (Aime, Junie, extras), Kioki Aiko Morphs (Grace, Keisha), Brom M3 Morphs (Jamon, Zeke), Cole Apollo Morphs (McCauley, Twoshot, extras), Rayne Victoria Morphs (Serena).

CauldronArts: AM Sweater (Yves).

ChildofFyre: textures for Shadowdancer outfit (n/a), Toybox (toy store).

Chohole: textures for Becky Outfit, textures for Hardcore outfit, textures for PW Elgin outfit.

Chriscox: 16 oz cans (Faden, Murdoch, Zeke), RococoDress (Krystal), Necklace Pack (Krystal, Ria).

ColonelPanic: 4EYesCrate (Darwin's headquarters, Sullivan Square, Darwin ambush scene), 4EKnuckles (Lena), 4EYes Rustic Wooden Floor (ground outside Grill).

Comixgraffit: Hospital Room (Riley's office, Quinn's office).

Corvas: SimpleDetails V3/M3 (All V3/M3 characters).

Cute n Toons: Textures for Neo Rockability (n/a).

Cute3D: Female Business Suit (Lena).

DAZ: Hiro 3 Clothing Bundle (Aime, Blaine, Darwin), Michael 3 (Alain, Claude, Damon, Denny, Elroy, Isidro, Jamie, Murdoch, Rafe, Travis), Genesis Supersuit (All IAF Uniforms), Victoria 3 (Amy McMillian, Anastasia, Edie, Filipa, Gabrielle, Inessa, Julia, Krystal, Lena, Martina, Nik, Quinn, Ria), Treadz (Anastasia, Murdoch, Rafe, Serena), Hiro 3 (Blaine, Darwin), Aiko 3 (Corinne, Ellen, Grace, Odelle, Vivienne), V3 Clothing Pack (Corinne, Kris, Lena, Martina), Morphing Fantasy Dress (Corinne, Lena, Ria, Extras), Aphrodite Outfit (Extras), Ricardi Hair (Extras), Personal Watercraft (Greenwharves), Aiko Ponytail (Inessa), Wildwood Traveler Outfits (Iris, Lena), Tunic Sets (Lena), Country Dining Room (Maren House), Buccaneer Basic (Murdoch), African Elephant (Ollie), MilBaby3 (and outfit) (Ria's baby), Young Teens (Luke/Laura) (Rieve), M4 Casual Wear (Roger), Fonte Aretusa (Uptown party scenes), GIS Biosuit (West's Vertspace avatar), Genesis (all characters 2013 and beyond).

DM Productions: NeoStop (Bus stop scene), Chapel (Uptown party scenes).

Damsel1: Laptop (Riley).

Dany66: textures for Day Dreamer (n/a).

Darkness Design: BRW Silky Shaders (Corinne's room), BRW Leather Shaders (Corinne's room).

Darren's FX: Level50 (Imperial LC offices).

Davorama: Urban Speed Bike (Baron, Extras).

Daybreak Studios: Hawaii Style Set (Corinne), Aiko Ponytail (Extras).

Deci6el: TraffiKar (Casablanca Cab Company, transit scenes).

Desideria: Incantata Outfit (Kris), Sleepless Night (Ria).

DiYanira: Diana Dress (Talia).

Didu: Balustrade (IAF Base).

DigitalMeanderings: V3 Eye Controls (all A3, H3, M3, and V3 characters), Necklace 01 (Krystal).

Dimension3D: Morphing Clothes (Apollo characters, Hiro characters).

DocMikeB: Ponte Vecchio ('housebreaking' scene).

Doodler: 2-seat table (Grill barroom).

Dorkati: Baking Set (Murdoch).

Draagonstorm: textures for V3 Clothing Pack.

Drakelot: Drake Pad (Aime).

DreamlandModels: Sci-fi Grand Hotel (Grill exterior).

Dreamlight: Light Dome LE (all outdoor scenes March 2009 - October 2013), Studio Light LE (all scenes March 2009 - October 2013), Light Dome Pro-R (outdoor scenes 2013 and onwards), Stage Beams (various light effects), MotionMaster (various motion effects).

Dreamy Farlea: Casual Wear for Apollo Maximus (Riley).

DzFire: Cyborg M4 (Ian), Real Metals (various), Real Paints (various).

Elleque: EXP Hair (Aime, Jack), Mystery Huntress (Corinne, Ellen), NeoRockabilly (Darwin), GoGo Style (Ellen, Grace, Extras), Winterer Coat (Julia), Casual for M4 (Roger).

Elperdido: Bowie Knives (Murdoch).

EricDesign: Indoor Industrial Scene (Squat), Dark Stair (Squat).

EvilInnocence: CrossDresser (Converted outfits for Apollo, Aiko, Hiro, and V3), Cupcake Dress (Corinne), BabyDollT (Corinne, Ellen), M4/V4 Bandages (Darwin,Murdoch), April Dress (Ellen), Toga Set (Fausto, Extras), Essentials V4 Sweater (Iris), Wifebeater (Keisha), LayerDress (Krystal), Cosplay Set (Lena), Angle Shirt (Tara).

Exhalia: Potatoes (Grill kitchen).

Fade_Willow: textures for V3 Short Dress.

Fober: AllPDA (Elroy, Gabrielle, Jamie, Ria, Riley, Extras).

Fredrik: Djinni Set (Ellen, Odelle, Vivienne).

Fringewood Design: Lotus Prop (Krystal), The Balcony (Stairs beside Grill).

Fuseling: Holiday Magic (Vertspace).

Garadir: Room V4 (Sal and Ana's house).

Gerald Day: Beer glasses (Grill).

Goblin Design: Mask 1 (Quinn), New Jacket (Savoy).

Goldenthrush: Emrys skin (Blaine), textures for Genesis Rage.

Guderun: Gluehweintopf (Grill Kitchen), Bistro Eleganza (Talia (wineglass)).

Headkase: Sensible Shoes 2.0 (Jack, Julia, Keisha).

Helgard: Dropship (Imperial Gunboat), Colonist Complex (Kris's room (party scenes - cargo items)), Utility Bridge (warehouse scenes, various street scenes).

Horsefeathers: textures for Apollo Epic.

ISOP: Casablanca Open Shirt and Suit (Alain, Damon, Faden, Fausto, Franz, Jamie, McCauley, Riley, Travis, Extras).

Inception8: GhostMachine Collection (Blaine, Murdoch, Zeke), Shades of Xion (Clea,Nik,Sam), Cutey Skulls (Corinne), Studded Buckle Bracelet (Darwin, Rafe), Chandler Earrings (Faden), Chokers (Faden), Core Collection Skulls (Faden, Extras), 5-Coil Earrings (Faden, Murdoch, Ria), Cat Earrings (Inna), Dragon C Earrings (Junie), DBStudded Bracer (Rafe), Syntax (Rafe), Freejack earrings (Ria), Skeleton Key Earrings (Zeke), Project Xion (background images in busstop scene).

Iroha: M4CasualSet (Murdoch).

Jack Tomalin: GIS Sigma (Dance Exhibition Hall), Parkside High Lobby (Police Station), Classic Deco (Riley's House (furniture), Sam's condo), Nouveau Vignette (Roger's House).

Janimatrix: Skulz4All (Corinne), Stonez4All (Corinne), Rosedance Set (Corinne, Darwin), ManyDrops Earings (Corinne, Kris), Curves Jewelry (Ellen), EarCuffs4All (Faden, Twoshot, Zeke), Modern6 Necklace (Fausto), Teardrop Set (Gabrielle), Iris Set (Lena).

Jezz: textures for Casablanca Open Shirt and Suit.

Joe Kurtz: Chairs (Courtroom), ArchWall (IAF Base), Test Tubes (Kris's room (party scenes)), Wall Elements (Murdoch's Room), Scifi Buildings (various street scenes).

Joequick: Mean Streets for Genesis (Hob, Jack, Julia, Murdoch, Nik, Penn, Roger).

Kamai: A3 Belt Vest (Odelle), A3 JeansPants (extras).

Kaposer: Total Hair Control (Corinne, Darwin, Faden, Grace, Lena, Rafe), Easy Breast Control (Grace), Pipes Room (Grace's Workshop).

Karanta: A3 Earrings (Corinne), Xmas05 Earrings (Krystal).

Karth: Free Sweater for Genesis (Elroy), BK Neckstuff (Faden, Ria), Freakz Specz (Ian), Easy Slipper (Yves, Extras).

Kattey: Cazual Sleeves (Extras), Zahn Vest (Twoshot).

Kawecki: Controller1 (Grace's Workshop).

Keihan: Natural Smoke (Blaine, Murdoch, Rafe, Savoy).

Kiera Wooley: Urban Heroine for Shadowdancer (n/a).

Kirisute: Gabriel Outfit (Faden), Ballistic Pack (Filipa, Keisha, Reive (gun), Grace (glasses)).

Kirwyn: UnderCover Gun (Odelle).

Kobomax: MF Jacket (Denny, Zeke), T-Coat (Iris, Keisha, Lena, Sophie), Casual Wear for A3 (extras).

Kousuke: Office Chair (Grace's Workshop).

Kozaburo: Namihei Hair (Arthur, Schuerman), Long Hair Evolution (Corinne), Allback Hair (Ellen, Hob, Extras), Short Hair (Faden), Messy Hair (Lena), UpDo Hair (Tara).

Kyotaro: Long Sleeved T-Shirt (Alain, Murdoch), Double Shirt (Denny, Jamon), Winter Jacket (Jamon).

LDDesign: Bonne Nuit outfit (Ellen, Sophie).

LassieDesigns: textures for Fairy Tale Costume.

LiquidMonkeyBrain: textures for V3 Clothing Pack.

LittleDragon: Conforming Stockings (Corinne, Ellen).

Lobo75: H3 Sagittarian (Aime, Darwin, Ellen).

LoneWolfPro: LWP Bed Room (Corinne's room (wardrobe)).

Lourdes: Shadowdancer Outfits and Guns (Alain, Darwin, Deonna, Domi, Ellen, Faden, Fausto, Jamon, Lena, Murdoch, Murphy, Nik, Rafe, Sal, Savoy, Twoshot, Vern, Extras), C.I.S Operative (Darwin, Murdoch, Murphy), Normans Pack (West).

LuckyDragon's Den: Courtroom (court scenes), Bookshelf (toy store), Movie Theatre (university classroom).

Luke Ahern: Post Apocalyptic Grunge (Casablanca Cab Company, Sugar Magnolia environs, various backgrounds).

Lully: textures for Cosplay set.

Luthbel: War Dogs for Genesis (Baptiste, Jack).

Lyne's Creations: Lyne's Rabbit (IAF Officer).

MDC11111: War Hammer (Vern).

MSgtGlennSmith: textures for Hardcore.

Maclean: Room Creator 2 (IAF Guest Room, Grill Kitchen, Darwin's HQ (back room), Daphne's Room, Abandoned Warehouse, Public Defender's Office, Riley's Office, Krystal's Room, Midtown Diner, Dectectives' Offices, Julia's Apartment, Midtown Restaurant, DORA Clubhouse, Sal and Ana's house), Room Creator Stairs and Balconies (Midtown Restaurant).

Mada: H3A3 Casuals (Aime, Corinne, Daphne, Darwin, Grace, Rieve, Sophie, extras), Jeans for Matt (Jack).

Mairy: Cleone Hair (Darwin, Ian, Inna), Kiklades potted plant (Imperial Guest Room, Public Defender's Office), Katsuru hair (Io), Lykia Hair (with plus3d) (Kris, Viv, extras), Nabia Jewels (Talia).

Mami77: Bowl of Noodles (Grill), Bridge (various street scenes).

Mamomamo: MMCasual Set (Ellen), MMShoes (Ellen), MM Down Jacket for M4 (Ian), MM Knit D (Kris), MM Long Knit 5 (Krystal), MMJacket Culotte Set (Lena), MM KnitOne Set (Lena).

Mapps: UniGals skins (Anastasia, Denny, Ellen, Filipa, Lena, Martina, Ria, Zeke), Station Pack (Darwin's HQ), Hoverchair (Fousto), Market Dinning Set (Murdoch's HQ Upstairs), Glasses (Quinn, Riley (party scenes)), The General Store (toy store, Murdoch's headquarters).

Marieah: textures for Genesis Rage, Fabricator (numerous clothing textures).

Mayuta: Man's Hair F1 (Edie), M3 Sweater (Elroy, Junie).

McGyver: Seawall at Kurrzadi (IAF Base), Bridge at Avadan (race scenes, various street scenes).

Merlin Studios: Infinite Gardens (Dance Exhibition Garden).

MindVision Studio: Future Car (Casablanca Cab Company).

Mochi: Aiko3 Cloth Set (Corinne).

Mock: Kitchen Knives (Grill kitchen, particularly by Ana).

MorphTactic: Tower City Apartments (Murdoch's house).

Morphography: Sandy Blouse (Julia, Lena, Quinn), Nancy Boots (Kris,Ria), Butterfly Dress (Krystal, Lena), Becky Outfit (Lena).

Motif: MORE Shadowdancer textures.

Mt.55: M3 Pants (Elroy), M3 Tanktop (Rafe).

Muka: Muka's Slacks (Ellen).

Music2u4u: Judge's gavel (Ranford).

Mylochka: Various hair props (Extras), MFD textures, Futuristic games (toy store).

MysticNights: Beer glasses (Grill), Barstools (Grill barroom).

Nan Fredman: M3 Piercings (Alain, Ria).

Naunet: Cerise for V3 (Inessa).

Neftis: Casual Slick Hair (Cory), Digital Curlz Hair (Grace), WildMane Hair (Nash), CQ Event Hair (extras).

Ness Productions: Patchwork Quilt (Imperial Guest Room (Ria), Daphne's Room).

Netherworks: EVO-Girl (Kris's vertspace avatar).

Nezumi: M3 Cardigan (Elroy), TShirt for M3 (Rafe).

Nightshift3D: Antimatter Container (Darwin's HQ (as fridge)), Sci Fi Medical Gear (Iris, Lena).

Nirvy: Florentine Hunt (Corinne).

Nouschka Design: Mediterranean Patio (Corinne's Funeral), Old Bakery (Grill Kitchen).

Nucky: V3 Camisole (Gabrielle), Flare MinSkirt (Lena).

Nytoprod: Shantytown bundle (Grill back alley), Cargo Props (Market scenes, Darwin's headquarters), Robot Controller (McCauley).

Ockham: Arcade Hotel (Corinne's room (vanity), Murdoch's Upstairs (chair)), 1920s sink (Grill kitchen), 1920s stove (Grill kitchen), Magic 8-Ball (Jamie), 1910 Kitchen (Murdoch (coffeepot)).

Optitex: Dynamic Quilt (Sophie).

Oro_snake: textures for Butterfly Dress.

Outoftouch: Wasg hair (Blaine), Blue Soul Hair (Clea), Dolce Vita suit (Lena,Penn), Keysha Hair (Savoy, Extras), Office Fashion for T-Coat (n/a).

PJZ: Glass Top Table & Coffee Cup (Darwin).

Petipet: Car Edi (Kris).

Photo Antics: Photo Mug (Jamie).

PlanIt 3D: Budoh (Ranford, Extras).

Porsimo: Traffic Wand (Lena).

Poser 3D Graphics: Street Pack (street scenes).

PoserClub: 4-seater table (Grill barroom).

PoserCreations: V3 Short Dress (Lena, Ria).

PoserWorld: Wizard Hair (Baron, Extras), Cabinets (Grill kitchen), Steel table (Grill kitchen), Sheriff's Office (Grill office), Lockerroom (Imperial Lockerroom), Office (Office of the Public Defender), Interrogation Room (Prison visitor room), Apache Hair (Rafe), Bishonen for Apollo (Sal, Schuerman), Restaurant (Uptown Restaurant), Bathroom (hotel scene (Ria)), too many other props, clothes, and items to list, Bazaar (party scenes), Rooftop Scene (race scenes).

Poseworks: PWEffect (Used for various special effects).

Powerage: Rebel Forever outfit (Anastasia, Grace, Hob, Inna), RebelEncore hair (Junie, Extras), PowerFlooze4Ever (Krystal, Serena), MOM Crowd Generator (various background figures).

Predatron3D: Trash Stash (Denny vs. Edie scene, various street scenes), City Sewer (Greenwharves), City Streets (Imperial Guest Room, Greenwharves, Grill back alley, Sullivan Square, various street scenes), Days of Cider (Midtown Diner (pie)), Industry One (Warehouse Scene, squat scene), LoRez figures (background use in numerous scenes).

Pretty3D: Bench (IAF Base), Fairy Tale Costume (Kitty), Office Chair (Public Defender's Office).

PropsChick: Bunny Dazed (Julia).

Ptrope: TOS Pike Quarters (Commander's Office).

Pyerfly: textures for V4KnitCap (Blaine), textures for BabyDollT, textures for Everyday Vest.

Questor: Predator Guns (Filipa), Scifi ATM Gizmo (Imperial LC Offices).

RJ Cain: Clipboard (Extras).

RPublishing: Slimy Sewers (Greenwharves), Designer Entrance Hall (Purdue Industries), Modern Complete Apartment (Purdue Industries).

Ravenhair: Dark Thorn (Alain, Darwin, Fausto, Junie, Rafe, Sal, extras), Pajamas for Genesis (Blaine, Carin, Clea, Sophie), Mad Doctor for Genesis (Damon), Effortless Cool for Genesis (Damon, Fausto, Nik, Riley), Urban Wear for M4 (Ian, Genna, Roger), Day Dreamer for Genesis (Iris, Sophie, Vivienne), M4Cowboy (Sal, Vern), Veranil M4/V4 (Sam), Raiver Outfit (Twoshot, Faden, Inna, Vern, Extras), Spacedweller (West).

RawArt: Industrial textures for Room Creator 2 (n/a), Slum textures for Room Creator 2 (n/a).

Realmling: Surf Dude Outfit (Darwin).

Redhouse Studios: Mansion Staircase (IAF Base).

Richard Taylor: M3 Plaster Casts (Nash), Water Filter (various street scenes), AirRaft (warehouse scene, market scene, McCauley's Shop, Darwin ambush scene).

RichardEagle: Apollo SuperHero (Fausto, Riley), Boris for Apollo (Sal).

Robo2010: HandScanner (Imperial Lockerroom, Imperial LC offices).

Robotmonster: Basement (Rafe's HQ).

Robrose: Elegance Set (Corrine), Necklace32 Set (Krystal), Necklace36 Set (Krystal), Weaved Jewelry (Quinn).

Ronstuff: Studded Arm Band (Murdoch).

RuntimeDNA: V3 Skin Shaders (Almost all M3/V3 characters), V2 Separates (Ana), Raglan Shirt (Blaine), AMHawk (Damon, Martina, Nik), Prison Cuffs (Ellen), Alicia Hair (Elroy, Riley, Yves), Raven Mohawk (Fane), Beastmaster Outfit (Hob, Ian, Murphy, Sal, Twoshot, Yves, Zeke, Extras), Banquet Props (Murdoch (candle)), Brad Hair (Quinn, Murphy, Rafe,s Extras), Very Heavy Blaster (Sal), Easter Egg (Vertspace), Skydome (various street scenes), InZone (various street scenes).

Ryverthorn: Fortune Hunters (Blaine, Darwin).

SLB Designs: textures for Apollo Epic.

Sam's 3D: BRPlaid Chair (Imperial Guest Room (Ria)).

Sanbie: Zappy Wear (Daphne), Texture Challenge Items (Savoy).

Seisui: Laques Hair (Cedric, Hans), Rubio Hair (Darwin), Csfs top (Darwin), Prankish Gem (Darwin), Mike shirt 2 (Jamon).

Serge Marck: Joelle V3 Suit (Quinn), V3 Dress 1 (Ria).

Shadowcat Studios: Snowflakes Jewelry (Kris).

Shadowy Objects: Door sets (courthouse hallways).

Shamira: Devil's Room (toy store).

SickenlySweete: textures for PW Elgin (n/a).

SickleYield: Morphing Business Suit (Alain, Damon, Hans, Iris, Penn, Riley, Serena), Dirty Denims (Alain, Sophie), Super Hoodie (Ana), Genesis Layered Tees (Daphne, Hob), Impractical Rogue (Ian), Genesis Leggings (Julia, Sophie), Rigged Water (Roger, Ian), Winter Gown (Sophie), Easy Godrays (Various special effects), Sickle Rigging and Morphing System (all Genesis clothing), Supercloth (various hanging/folded clothes).

SilverElf: Plebian (Ellen).

SilverWyvern: textures for Butterfly Dress, Sandy Blouse.

Silverarrow73: textures for LayerDress.

Sione: Hiro Shirt 2 (Blaine), Balloon Set (Ellen), BlackMoon Court Set (Ellen).

Slorge: Menu (Lena).

Smay: Bad Guy (Ellsworth, Louie, Nash, Nik, Serena), Genesis Leather Jacket (Nik, Savoy), Stalker Girl pants (Serena).

Soto: Flat Top for Genesis (Baptiste).

Spacenewt: textures for Apollo Epic.

Sparky: V3 BDU (Nik), textures for MyShirt2, SF Set (various street scenes), Mega City Block 1 (various street scenes).

Spatz: Classic Room (hotel scene (Ria)).

Spothmann: textures for Apollo Epic.

Stonemason: Greeble City Blocks (Casablanca Cab Company, transit scenes), Urban Future 4 (Darwin ambush scene), Skycar (Greenwharves), SciFi Crew Quarters (IAF Crew Quarters), SciFi Bedroom (IAF Crew Quarters), Urban Future 3 (Ian and Roger ambush scene), SF Cargo Props (Kris's room (party scenes), Murdoch's headquarters, Darwin's headquarters), Urban Future 1 (Sugar Magnolia's backdoor, outside Pitt's HQ), Walled City (Sullivan Square), Skytraffic (University window views, various background scenes), Urban Future 2 (VT Station Entrance), Utopia Labs (outside Public Defender's office, outside Purdue Industries), Level 19 (street scenes).

Stringy: Desk (Grill office, Office of the Public Defender).

StudioArtVartanian: Volg Jacket (extras).

StudioMaya: WildHair (Corinne), BandannaHair (Fausto, Extras), SimpleHair (McMillian), ShortCut (Vern).

Subsurface Graphics: Baton (Travis).

Superbadgirl: D|S skin settings (all A3/H3/M3/V3 characters).

Team Dystopia: Dystopia Square Soda (Blaine, Jamon, Extras), Aircar Aeronica (Casablanca Cab Company, Police Cars), Dystopia Detritus (Darwin's headquarters, Abandoned Warehouse, Casablanca Cab Company), Dystopia Console Station (Grace's Workshop, Sugar Magnolia's office), Feng's Takeout Box (Grace, Jamon), Dystopia Canals (Greenwharves), Datastick (Lena), Landing Bay (McCauley's Shop), Dystopian Vending Machine (Midtown Diner), Kruger (Murphy), Dystopia City Blocks (various street scenes and window views, Greenwharves).

Technoromancer: Viewer (courtroom).

Teknology3D: NeoEarrings (Anastasia), Argolla Earrings (Ria), Sofa (party scenes).

TheWishmaster: SciFiUniform (Edie).

Treasure Chest: Fish'n'Chips (Faden), A huge number of food props (thank you!) (University Cantina, Grill, Grill Kitchen, Midtown Diner).

TrekkieGrrl: Cards (Ana, Sal, Baptiste, Fausto, Serena, Ellsworth, Zeke, Jack), Morphing puddle (Behind Grill, Sugar Magnolia's), Modular Hallway (Courthouse hallways), Puddings (Darwin, Ellen), Bunk bed (Grace's workshop), Morphing blanket (Grace's workshop, Corinne's room), Spagetti Plate (Grill), Vegetables (Grill kitchen), Fancy Raunchy Drink (Grill, Sugar's), Frozen Dinner (Jamon), Donuts (Murdoch's headquarters), V3 Hospital Gown (Ria), Street Corner (street scenes).

Uwe_G: SF Rifle (Sunlander Guard, Zeke).

Uzilite: Beowulf (Alain, Cory, Jamie, Murdoch, Murphy, Nash, Rafe), Hardcore (Faden, Filipa, Ian, Jamon, Murdoch, Rafe, Twoshot), M401 suit (Genna, Nash), Sade (Harvey, Murdoch), New Adventure Tablet (Julia, Nik).

VFX: Bed (hotel scene (Ria)).

Vacasoft: Space Vest (Alain, Jamon), Guy Vest (Alain, Murdoch), BossFighter outfit (Fausto), Deadly Matador (Nightmask masks), textures for Small Sins.

Valandar: Mobility Aids (Blaine), Computer Desk & Props (Blaine (tablet)), PocketFiller (Murdoch (wallet)).

Valea: Pure Hair Casual (Daphne), Nightbird Collar (Krystal), Midnight Queen Earrings (Krystal), Misty Veil Hair (Krystal), Winter Princess Earrings (Krystal), Masquerade Mask (Krystal, Lena), Pure Hair Sleek (Roger).

Vanishing Point: Office Cubicle (Detectives' Offices).

Varnayrah: textures for Masquerade Mask.

WalkerofShadows: V3 Mask (Gabrielle), Satin Shaders (various clothing).

WarMachineXO: Motor Pool (street scenes, Picker's Market (Greenwharves), Casablanca Cab Company).

Wayii: DarkDay textures for the Whiteday Pants, A-Wassailing textures for Adzan Outfits, Type A textures for Beowulf outfit, Lazy Days for the PW Newquay outfit, Spacedweller Executor.

Webhexe: textures for MyShirt2.

Webm0nster: Body Rings (Gabrielle).

Wheatpenny: Juvie Sets (Darwin's HQ (Chairs)).

WillDupre: Rudi for A3 (Ana, Corinne, Grace, Kiesha), Genesis Eyebrows (Hob, Julia, Lena, Talia), Champions Clothes Pack (Kiesha).

Wilmap: Genesis Jeans (Alain), Oriental Outfit (Daphne), Cricket Set (Daphne), Genesis T-Shirts (Daphne), Heeled Shoes (Iris, Lena, Talia, Victoria), Zipped Jacket (Julia), Twin Set (Julia), Shirt & Dungarees (Roger), Gathered Dress (Sophie), Flapper Dress (Vivienne), Golfing Set (Zia), Genesis Sweaters (Zia).

X2000: Penthouse (Franz's office, Quinn's office (desk), Riley's office (desk)), Tavern (Grill barroom), Corridor 2 (Imperial corridor), McTavern (university cantina), Observation Deck (university corridor).

Xena: S1 Set (Anastasia), Warpmaster (Rafe, Zeke), Genesis Rage (Riley, Sal).

Yamato: BD Lowrise pants (Keisha).

Zagora: textures for V3 Short Dress.

ZeusFX: Lion Stairs (Feuerborn House foyer).

Zincster: Dropped & Draped Clothes (Corinne's Room, Street Scenes (Lena's dropped coat)).

Zipgraphix: textures for MFD.

Coflek-Gnorg: Diner 2500 (Blaine's HQ, Grace, Kris (food items), Midtown Restaurant (menu)), Technotown (Casablanca Cab Company, VT Station Entrance), Futuristic Apartment (Fausto's Apartment), Steampunk Tower (Grill back alley), Science Fiction Streets (IAF Base, VT Station Entrance, outside Blaine's HQ, numerous backgrounds), SF Metro (VT Station), TerraSphere (transit scene, Uptown Restaurant, Riley's House).