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So you want to support my unhealthy addiction to 3d models, science fiction novels, and all kinds of music? Super! Just click the shiny button.

You can donate any amount you like, but if you donate $3.00 US or more, I'll send you a thank-you postcard like the one pictured here. Yes, an actual postcard. Yes, through the actual mail. On one side will be a random bit of trivia such as those I occasionally post in the comments -- mostly worldbuilding, but there may be the occasional bit of character history thrown in for fun. On the other will be a note (probably saying "Thanks!" -- because I lack imagination) and a scribble which the lucky may be able to identify as my signature. And, yes, I'll mail it to you no matter where in the world you are.

Though I try to get cards mailed quickly, I have never yet succeeded in this, because, basically, I am a dork. I'm sorry, but I feel that admitting it up front will make us all happier while I'm working on the "being a better human" thing.

If you don't want to give me your address, I'm also fine with sending e-cards. (No signature, though.) I do, of course, promise to do nothing spam-like with the addresses I get: even if I were that evil, I'm not that organized.


In the general sense, because I am not adverse to the idea of making some money off this thing. I'm not desperate to turn it into a cash cow, either, and the comic will bop happily along regardless, but it'd be nice to make enough that my husband stops saying, "You spent how much on 3d models of hair?"

In the specific "why a postcard" sense, I'm far more a writer than an artist, so the standard wallpaper-for-donating did not fill me with joy. People seemed to like the worldbuilding posts. And I thought people might enjoy a wee physical artifact in this digital age. If not, well, I expect I'll figure that out eventually.