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October 29, 2008
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Lena: A plus tard (see you later), Twoshot!
Travis: Twoshot? That's an odd nickname. How'd he get it?
Lena: Oh, they call him that because he usually hits what he's shooting at by the second shot.
Travis: Oh, a joke.
Lena: Au contrare. A compliment.
Travis: Compliment?
Lena: Do you know how Murdoch got his reputation as a knife expert?
Travis: Um, no?
Lena: Well, somebody took a notion to knock off the tete -- as happens. Jumped out of a doorway and opened up with a pair of gunther guns. Murdoch walked across the street and knifed him.
Travis: ... they... they don't train?
Lena: Anyone can use a gun, frere. The vidfeeds tell us so.

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Inland Territory
Inland Territory
by Vienna Teng

Beautiful piano, bittersweet lyrics, and a voice so pure as to be almost painful. If you can't catch her in concert, do yourself a favor and get the CD.

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