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March 25, 2009
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Travis: Permission to punch Specialist Jameson in the face, sir.
Isidro: Denied. The Commander called dibs.
Travis: Then I'd like to move my charge to a more secure location.
Isidro: And that would be...?
Travis: Er, the head, sir.
Isidro: Carry on.
Cedric: The Commander didn't really say that, did she, sir?
Isidro: Hmm? Oh. No. She said that it'd been at least six months since we had a major political scandal caused by somebody's raging hormones, so she really should have seen it coming.
Cedric: That's not too --
Isidro: She also said that your ass was pate de foie gras with a slice of lemon and a nice parsely garnish.
Cedric: B-but...
Isidro: Hey, look on the bright side! You can stop worrying about your career.

When last we saw... Travis - Isidro

March 25, 2009
That's foie gras from cloned goose livers, of course. Commander Odeston would never condone cruelty to animals.

Midnight Boom
Midnight Boom
by The Kills

Sharp punk edge with clever lyrics and a backbeat to kill for. I picked this up after hearing 'URA Fever' as soundtrack on 'The Losers', and I'm glad I did.

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