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April 1, 2009
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Ria: Got any sixes?
Travis: I -- Commander!?
McMillian: Specialist Neuman, where is your hat?
Travis: I -- I just --
McMillian: And I distinctly remember telling you not to bring yourself to my attention again. Did I not?
Travis: But I --
McMillian: What do you call this, then?
Travis: But this isn't my fault!
McMillian: Ah, it's excuses now, is it?
Ria: Can you see if he has any sixes?

When last we saw... Ria - Travis - McMillian

April 1, 2009
The good part about being a military officer: always having minions to take out your bad mood on.

Sorry this went up so late in the morning. I worked an 11-hour day yesterday and spent far too much of Monday rescuing my idjit escapee bird from a tree. And yes, I realize it's April Fool's but I'm far too tired to do anything clever for it.

The Aware
The Aware
by Glenda Larke

Just another citizenless halfbreed looking for a pretty slave on Gorthan Spit. But Blaze is far from ordinary, and as she'll find out, neither is her prey....

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