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July 17, 2009
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Gabrielle: I dunno about this....
Kris: Oh, not you too! You weren't so squeamish before.
Gabrielle: Weren't no cops before. An' it was just me. Lena... my boss, he's kinda funny 'bout Lena. I drag her into trouble he'll be mad.
Kris: So what's he going to do, yell louder?
Gabrielle: No. He get quiet when he mad. An' then I get the look.
Kris: ...what look?
Gabrielle: He just -- looks, you know? An' you start to squirm an' explain, only it comes out soundin' stupid an, an' selfish an' bad an'... an' he just stares until you run outta words, an' you want to go right through the floor, but you can't. That look.
Kris: And they call me dramatic. Trust me, I've been in trouble since I was born, and I've never once had someone stop me with just a -- eep.

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July 17, 2009
For those who missed the comments thread on Wednesday, the twitter feed has been replaced with a simple link, because people were responding to the twits in the comments and confusing other people. And the last thing this world needs is more confusion. You're all welcome to pop over to my twitter feed if you need a daily dose of inanity....

by Terry Pratchett

Mau paddles home to find his village gone -- and a strange ghost girl washed up on the same tidal wave. What world will they build on the ruins of the old?

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