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July 30, 2009

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July 30, 2009

Fraternity: The Fraternity of Mankind, which holds that 'pure' (unmodified, genetically, biologically, or cybernetically) humans are superior to any others. Frequently confused with the League of the Natural Order, which advocates the superiority of genetically modified bluebloods over natural-born humans, the slave races, and (obviously) cyborgs, despite both sides protesting that they can't see any similarity between themselves and *those* racist bastards.

Thanks everyone for the outpouring of support over my decision to take a week or two off the comic. I'm not entirely sure whether I feel more obligation to my readership or my story, but of the two my readers are far the most forgiving. :) Some other poor sod must be stuck with all these ungrateful and petty readers I keep hearing about. You lot are gold.

In all the angst, I forgot to mention that the comic got a review from ArtPatient, courtesy of the kind folks over at vendable who recommended me to him. He's quite complimentary about the writing and story, and the art crit is more than fair. A nice boost to get when I'm in a rough spot.