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August 1, 2009

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August 1, 2009

The last of the late strips, and by complete coincidence, the 150th strip posted. Also by complete coincidence, the comic will be a year old on Monday. Woo!

So really it's as good a time to take a break as any. As announced, I'll start posting guest art and filler on Monday. The comic will return in two weeks, unless you're on the DrunkDuck mirror, in which case it'll return in three -- I'm gonna take this opportunity to move the site over to SpiderForest hosting, and they require that any mirror sites lag a bit behind their site. Yes, that means you get an extra week of filler. I'm sure you're all dying of joy.

Thanks again for being so understanding, guys, but I really, truly need this break. By the time I come back things should have settled down at work and I should have more than six hours' sleep a night available. It's better for us all that way, trust me.