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August 26, 2009

All comics made using DAZStudio and ComicLife. For a full list of credits, click here.

August 26, 2009

Update on the site:

Aside from the maybe-they-work-maybe-not comments (ETA: Nope, still broken. Screw. Time to talk with tech support), there are only two known issues with the site as of right now:
- One, the synopsis page. Only about half the links work. I'm going through the archives adding news and scripts manually and updating it as I go.
-Two, the credits page, which had gotten out of control: with luck I'll be able to devise a system that's easier for everyone concerned. -

Anything else, you are now free to whine about.

On the up side, there's a couple of hopefully-cool changes you may have noticed:
- A text script for the comic is now visible just above the newsbox (click 'show/hide today's script' to toggle). This has the potential for nifty tricks, but right now, it's mostly a place for me to put French translations and such. It also includes links to the Cast profile of all speakers, so if you've forgotten who someone is this is a good place to start.
- On a related note, I've revamped the Cast page to reflect my miniature army of a cast; it's easier to navigate now and has a bit more information.
- There's a links page now. The text links to the right of the comic represent a random selection of comics from it. This, too, may grow more features.

Sitll on the list are a fanart page, some kind of dictionary feature, a replacement for the Amazon box which does not chew server resources, and a few other bits and pieces. Additional suggestions are welcomed. Well, I'll growl and grumble a bit, but that's a form of welcome. Really.