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October 26, 2009

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October 30, 2009

Maybe it's just that I watched Python's Holy Grail too often, but this page strikes me as the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Tiana of Between Places also is officially the first person to do me guest art without Murdoch in. Not that I'm complaining about guest art with Murdoch in! But Ana is a very nice change. (And she gets a bigger knife....)

At any rate, Between Places is a fantastic comic with marvelously dreamlike art and grumpy, sarcastic characters after my own heart. Check it out.

I'm pretty much still sitting around trying not to gnaw my own arm off in boredom, but I am feeling a lot better and a lot more able to focus, so -- barring a downturn -- Sunset Grill should return on Monday. Thank you all so much for your kind words and patience. And, y'know. Funny guest art.

ETA: Okay. The news is now in the right folder, and the comments from Monday are back on Monday. Jeez, site, can I not turn my back for one minute?

October 28, 2009

Check it out! Kez from War of the Winds heard I was laid up and kindly sent me some guest art! (At least -- it's there if you're seeing this past midnight or so; I have yet to convince my system that I want news and comics going up at the same time.) Aside from War of the Winds -- a comic I highly recommend to anyone who likes their fantasy epic, their consequences dire, and their thieves dumb as teenaged rocks -- Kez is web-guru for any number of sites (Xylia, Spiderforest, and Palace in the Sky are a few I know she's involved in), does commissions, and somewhere in there is finding the time to get her grad degree. And do me guest art. Yup, she's awesome.

Updates on the me: I'm home and on the mend. To my relief, none of the copious holes they punched in my arms suggested that I was bleeding internally, so they let me out of the hospital on Tuesday morning. I am now capable of doing things like wobbling around on my own without towing an IV unit and moving my arms and eating actual food. I can't do anything extravagant like sneeze, laugh, or stay on my feet longer than ten minutes, but hey. Small mercies.

Thank you to everyone who left kind comments, here and on Twitter and on LJ. I know I haven't replied to most of them, but honestly -- while I'm doing a bit of puttering around on the 'net or scripting -- I'm still hurting a bit, and the pain meds they've got me on are even more fun than the last set, in that 'oh hey, what a nice ceiling we have, perhaps I will look at it for an hour or two' way. I'll try to be around a bit, but at this stage it's mostly me, Mr. Percocet, and Mr. Ceiling. But thank you. I can't tell you how much it helped, in the hospital, to have my hubby sitting there reading out another set of well-wishes or get-well-soons every little bit, or how grateful I am to all of you for letting me know that, you know. You cared. Thank you very much.

October 26, 2009

State of the comic, short version: situation tricky. Update schedule uncertain.

State of the comic, long version:

If you make a habit of reading the newsposts you know I've not been in great health since about mid-July. At the beginning of the month I went in for my routine checkup, mentioned some of the stuff that'd been happening, was poked, and came out diagnosed with a hemorraging ovarian cyst the size of a golfball. Not pleasant but not terrifically scary. I was given anti-inflammatories and orders to come back for further poking in three weeks. The further poking suggested that the cyst was shrinking, meaning that, while I was experiencing more pain, I probably wasn't going to need surgery for the damned thing.

And all was well and good, if not painless, until yesterday (Sunday) morning, when I woke up to a new and interesting type of pain. At first it wasn't so bad. Then it was. Then I couldn't breathe, get up, lie down, or move without risking severe, shooting pains through my belly and back. I was alarmed enough to take painkillers (which I'd been avoiding thanks to the 'happy fun Kat' experience earlier in the week), and then more alarmed when the things which had if anything worked too well a few days earlier failed to even make a dent.

By 11 pm, my husband had bullied me into going to the ER, where they poked and prodded and ordered a CT scan but didn't seem too alarmed. As it turned out this last was because I am entirely too stoic for my own good. Around 4 am I got the word that my cyst had ruptured (expected) and that I now had a rather large quantity of blood sloshing around bad places -- unexpected, since, as the doctor explained to me, every other patient he'd seen with that amount of fluid was rolling on the floor and screaming in agony.

So I am now sitting in a hospital bed with an IV in my arm waiting for the nice nurse to come and nick some more of my blood so they can decide whether I'm bleeding internally and thus in need of surgery. I'm actually quite calm about this. The morphine may have something to do with it. However, the morphine is also proving not so good for my ability to concentrate, or even stay awake, and at this point I really have no idea how long they're going to keep me in here, so....

Yeah. No real clue how the update schedule for the rest of the week is going to look, guys. I'd be beating myself up for not having a buffer, but, you know. Morphine. It really is lovely stuff.

I'll post updates here if I can, and my Twitter feed is getting heavily spammed (140 characters being about the limit of my attention span). Sorry, guys. You'll have to take this one up with my reproductive system.