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November 2, 2009

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November 2, 2009

Pearl: a two-part bomb consisting of a soft, putty-like explosive wrapped around a pebble-sized detonator. The two are both stable and harmless apart, but once the pebble has been rolled inside the putty and given enough time to dissolve the protective coating (about 90 seconds) the pearl explodes violently under even the slightest pressure.

We're back! No more delays, I hope -- my health seems stable, and I even managed to work ahead a bit over the weekend, so things should be fine.

In other news, someone apparently nominated me in the writing category over at the WebcomicPlanet Reader's Choice Awards. Which was really sweet. If you happen to have a WebcomicPlanet login (or don't mind getting one) feel free to drop in and vote for me. I won't win, of course, but it makes me smile.

And in totally irrelevant news, Sunday was my birthday. And there were presents and cake and massive amounts of seafood. Woo, getting older is still fun!