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November 20, 2009

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November 20, 2009

Well, yes. Yes, this is Friday's comic. On Monday. I have three explanations for this:

1) As Ping of Lonely Panel recommended, I picked up Scott McCloud's Making Comics. It is an awesome book which is blowing my mind and giving me ideas above my station. Or, more accurately, my skill level.

2) My script abruptly decided to twist on me, necessitating a great deal of hasty replanning and tossing-out of work.

3) I had a very bad week at the day job, which I shan't go into particularly, except to note that I hate the holiday season and that it was also a six-day week. This was suboptimal for comic time.

Any two of the three I could have managed, but all three at once was... well, a bit much.

So. Friday's comic is up on Monday. Optimally, Monday's comic will be up on Tuesday, and Wednesday's comic will be up on actual Wednesday, but a lot of that depends on both job and brain behaving themselves, so....

Have I mentioned I hate the holiday season?