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November 30, 2009

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November 30, 2009

*headdesk* Okay. I may as well admit it: the comic will be updating intermittently for the next two weeks.

As many of you've probably guessed by now, I have a somewhat unconventional and demanding job. Essentially I work at a small family business wherein I am family. This is wonderful in terms of job stability and puts me in the increasingly rare category of people with jobs they actually like, for which I am grateful. However, it also means I routinely work 10-hour days and got essentially no holiday last week due to covering for other people's holidays. For the next two weeks, until we shut down production for the year, I'm on 10-hour days working six to seven days a week, plus take-home work and friggin' holiday social obligations. Free time is, ah, at a premium.

Since the husband has voted down the Just Stop Sleeping plan as overkill, I'm pretty well putting the comic on the back burner. I will still be putting updates up as I can (one should go up tonight, unless something blows up), but the changes of me getting three updates a week out are pretty well nil. I'm sorry, guys. If I had a proper buffer this wouldn't happen, but I don't, so it is, and there's little I can do but look ashamed. Round about the 15th things should go back to normal.