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March 31, 2010

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March 31, 2010

A comic! Not on Monday, as I'd hoped, but nevertheless I am crawling my way back on track. With luck there will be both a finished Gene Lords article and a comic up by Friday.

For my Spiderforest Comics of the Week catchup, I'm plugging two very different comics. First, there's Kinnari, which is... hmmm. Well, basically, if you've looked around the webcomics world and thought, 'Yeah, but what we really need are more well-done epic fantasy comics based on the mythology of India,' then this is your comic. And if you hadn't thought that, you'll be thinking it after you read Kinnari. I am.

Second, we have Fuzznuts. There are dogs. There are squirrels. And there is a bird feeder. If you've ever had this combination in your backyard, you already know the endless amusement it can provide (although one hopes, in real life, to see less fire involved.)

Thanks, everyone, for the patience!