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April 16, 2010

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April 16, 2010

So about that schedule....

I won't bore you with excuses here (other than to note that I bought a friggin' house on Tuesday, and apparently there's even more work involved afterwards than in the hunting and getting of said house, which is hard to believe. Lord, the paperwork!), but. It's pretty clear I am not keeping up with three comics a week right now, and given that the next comic is scripted to be another of those painfully long buggers, I can't see myself keeping up with three comics a week for some time.

So as of right now the comic's moving to a Tuesday-Friday schedule until June 1st (which is when, coincidentally, I have to be out of my apartment and into New House). I'm hoping to to build up a buffer between now and then, but at least I won't be forcing you guys to check back all the time or promising more comics than I can deliver.

(Stupid real life. Stupid scripts....)

ETA: Some of you may have noticed the downtime on Friday. Apparently Dreamhost had a wee 'unscheduled server maintenance' thing going which dropped all the Spiderforest comics, including mine, offline. Here's hoping that doesn't happen again....