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May 11, 2010

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May 11, 2010

Mrrr. You know, when I write, I try to avoid the sort of craptastic soap-opera pileup that my workplace is currently experiencing as unrealistic and overdone. You fail at originality, universe.

Comic references: O'Donnelly Isle, better known as the Imperial Isle, is the seat of the Imperial government and -- as Zeke suggests -- very, very cosmopolitan. Both Stroud and the Tallboys have been mentioned before; all you really need to know here is that they're primarily Sunlander states. 'Ve de paseo' means, essentially, to go walkabout. Kariami is the wealthier and better-established of the two legal extrasolar colonies; it's extraordinarily difficult to get citizenship there, and impossible for non-citizens to own land, but an Imperial citizenship opens more doors than most. A gateboat is any weftgate ship, mercenary or trader, that routinely moves outside the three systems with human settlements: a risky and not always profitable venture, but with a great deal of appeal and romance for some.

Zeke imitating a teenage girl in panel one is, alas, something your imagination will have to fill in for itself. Stupid limitations of textual mediums...