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December 20, 2010

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December 21, 2010

So my plot to get back on schedule has, obviously, been yet again thwarted -- partly by the holidays, partly because a combination of airplane rides and pregnancy has caused me to develop sciatica. Basically this means that my hip hurts, and if I stay in any one position (standing, sitting, lying) for too long, it hurts worse... for values of worse that vary between 'ow', and 'it appears that, rather than standing up, I will be doubled over making helpless mewling noises until my husband comes and helps me up, how droll' in a way that makes me suspect my sciatic nerve is just saying hell with it and rolling a d20. For something I cannot reliably spell or pronounce, it's certainly playing merry hell with my days.

There's also this snow stuff, and some ice stuff, a combination of which has recently resulted in car-repair-stuff (although not, thankfully, any necessary repairs to the husband), and work stuff, and family stuff, and oh yeah, that damned holiday...

Thanks again for your patience, guys (and special thanks to the one of you who just sent a donation, which at this point I'm pretty sure qualifies as an act of faith), and really, truly, trying to get back on track here by the New Year.

(Incidentally, there's a bit of a shiny under the vote buttons for those who like such things. Or like to vote. Or both. Consider it somewhere between a nod to the season and 'oh, god, I cannot believe you people are still here, you rock so very much...')