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March 25, 2011

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March 25, 2011

I have had a major case of the pregnancy stupids this week. The height, if one can call it that, was absent-mindedly turning off a pan of cooking oil and wandering away, only to find out (via the husband yelling) that what I'd actually done was turn the burner up to high. I got back to the kitchen just in time to see the pan burst into flame as the husband tried to pull it off the heat, spattering him and the burner with hot oil, causing yelps from one and further bursting-into-flames from the other.

A box of baking soda, a lot of cold water, and some merciless plundering of the aloe plant later, we were all fine, although the husband has some really impressive blisters and I haven't dared turn the stove on again.

So yeah. Nothing else quite so spectacular has happened, but apparently a lot of my brainpower is being taken up by formerly simple tasks like 'don't walk off cliffs' and 'don't set the house on fire', leaving precious little left over for things like comics. Hopefully next week will be better.....