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May 14, 2011

My daughter, Eleanor Rahil, was born on May 4, perfectly healthy. Also, screaming -- but I can't blame her for that. I was screaming a bit myself at that stage. The picture above was taken a few hours after she was born; we're both a bit less red-faced now.

Y'all are only getting the news now because, uh, yeah. New baby. I'm pretty sure not all my relatives know yet. I am sleep-deprived and still a bit sore, but overall we are both doing well. No idea when the comic will get back up, because right now I have no coherent idea when anything (even my next meal) will happen, but on the positive side my husband let me buy an iPad and I'm getting quite good at baby-assisted one-handed typing. So some script-work is getting done anyway. We'll see.

(And I promise this will be all the baby pictures you're subjected to. For those that actually want more, there's also a post up at my personal blog.)