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July 12, 2011

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July 12, 2011


That was a longer break than I was hoping for (in my defense, aside from learning to juggle an infant and work and life and, oh, hey, comic, life has been doing its usual for me -- I've had everything from hospitalized family members to SURPRISE! Government! Inspection! in the past ten weeks), but I'm alive, I'm doing well, Ellie is doing very well although honest to god I thought babies were supposed to sleep more than this, and I'm hoping to get back on track with the comic now although updates are likely to stay shaky for a bit because, hey, baby. They really ought to come out holding a sign that says 'I Am Infant, Destroyer Of Sleep, and also incidentally YOUR BRAINS,' but the universe has once again failed to accomidate me in this.

Thank you all for the kind comments, and I'm sorry I didn't respond to them, and a special thank you plus apology to those who got caught in the moderation queue for the last two months because I sort of forgot I had a moderation queue (see 'I Am Infant, &etc'). I will try to do better.