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July 19, 2011
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Reive: Don't care -- what Darwin says, I ain't -- missing -- this --

When last we saw... Reive

July 19, 2011
A note on guns: what Darwin (and pretty much the rest of the gangsters here) is carrying is an automatic-fire needle weapon, better known as as a gunther or popgun. There are certain advantages to gunthers -- they're extremely easy to get ahold of, they're cheap, they're light, they're recoilless, and their design simplicity means you really have to work at breaking one -- but these are offset by their utter lack of range, accuracy, or power. Your best bet with a gunther is to wave it in the general direction of a target and pull the trigger a lot. Since this is how most gangsters shoot anyway, gunthers are the street weapon of choice.

by Terry Pratchett

Mau paddles home to find his village gone -- and a strange ghost girl washed up on the same tidal wave. What world will they build on the ruins of the old?

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