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July 19, 2011
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Reive: Don't care -- what Darwin says, I ain't -- missing -- this --

When last we saw... Reive

July 19, 2011
A note on guns: what Darwin (and pretty much the rest of the gangsters here) is carrying is an automatic-fire needle weapon, better known as as a gunther or popgun. There are certain advantages to gunthers -- they're extremely easy to get ahold of, they're cheap, they're light, they're recoilless, and their design simplicity means you really have to work at breaking one -- but these are offset by their utter lack of range, accuracy, or power. Your best bet with a gunther is to wave it in the general direction of a target and pull the trigger a lot. Since this is how most gangsters shoot anyway, gunthers are the street weapon of choice.

Implied Spaces
Implied Spaces
by Walter Jon Williams

The AIs protected mankind for centuries, as Aristide created them to. But now he, his magic sword, and his talking cat must save the world.... again.

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