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August 23, 2011
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Sal: Are you insane?
Lena: I know, I know, you hate getting involved in these things. Thank you for helping.
Alain: Are you hurt? Why didn't you call? What happened?
Murdoch: The fuck does it look like happened?
Sal: The help ain't a problem. You're family. But Lena, what were you thinking?
Lena: If it'd been just Murdoch out here, would you have helped?
Sal: Hell no.
Lena: That's... what I was thinking.
Murdoch: Lena rung you.
Nik: Like a bell. Darwin?
Murdoch: Oui. You was right, I was wrong.
Nik: Can I put that on you gravestone?
Murdoch: No.
Nik: Uh... can we go? I'm getting this creepy feeling like heavily armed people glarin' at my back.
Murdoch: Step to the right, it ain't aimed at you.

When last we saw... Sal - Lena - Alain - Murdoch - Nik

August 23, 2011
So we had an earthquake here today. An earthquake! In the friggin' Appalachian mountains! Okay, I admit it was a very wee earthquake, but still. Earthquake!

Also a government inspection, but I liked the earthquake more. And yeah, that's why the page is late -- work is yet again in crisis. Someday I will have a normal job. And be bored out of my mind within a week, but hey, I can dream....

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She lost name and freedom to slavery, sacrificed hopes and sight for kin she barely remembers. But can the Hawkspar eyes find a future to save them all?

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