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December 16, 2011
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Fausto: Woman got a whip for a tongue, an' it's like water from stone gettin' any money out of her, but there you are. A job.
Ian: Are there any Turnet bearings? I need Turnet bearings to rebuild the secondary shaft.
Fausto: Don't bother thankin' me or nothing.
Ian: Did I not? Merci de (thank you for your help). It will be good to buy food again. And junkie squats have a regrettable lack of cars. And you had no reason to speak for me.
Fausto: Ah, you're a good enough sort. Give you a fresh start an' you'll make out all right. So what's your plan?
Ian: Well, once I rebuild the shaft --
Fausto: I meant long-term. And non-car.
Ian: ...I'm not sure I understand this question.
Fausto: You know, forget I asked. I wanna hold on to that nice 'fresh start' thought a little longer.

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