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December 23, 2011
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Julia: What is with you people? He's a parasite!
Deonna: A predictable parasite. You'd lived through some of the other gangs, you'd know --
Julia: I'm not stupid, Deonna. Murdoch irritates the hell out of me, but as despotic, power-grubbing petty criminals go I realize he's one of the better options. But I fail to see how that makes him on our side.
Deonna: You ain't been here long enough, is all. After a while you stop thinkin' much about it, an' it's just us and them.
Julia: ...so how does this go?
Deonna: It'll be raiding mostly, long as it don't get ugly. Your shop is vert, oui?
Julia: Mostly, yes.
Deonna: Then you won't get hit hard. They won't be much custom come here once word get out. They don't shoot at regular people, but most of les loups can't aim worth shit. If it do get ugly, you turn out the lights an' lie on the floor. They mostly do that shit right as it gets dark, saints know why. Mostly people stay inside, out of the way. An' everybody start diggin' up excuses to talk with Murdoch so they can find out which way the wind blow.
Julia: ...how nice for him.
Deonna: It lasts much more'n a week, you gotta start climbin' shit to find him.

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December 23, 2011
Vert: virtual. Rigging a shop for 3D requires minimal expertise and expense, so in certain areas of the city it can be cheaper to simply rent a shop and rig it rather than buying a painstakingly modeled 3D environment for them to shop. The only downside is you're now working and living in, well, certain areas of the city.

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