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December 30, 2011
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Faden: You are the stupidest --
Darwin: Enough! Who's to blame that Murdoch lived? I am. You lot got somethin' to say about that? Bien. We move on. Jamon. We stocked up on Blue Monday a bit back. Dump it.
Jamon: But most people buy they Mondays from Sullivan -- oh.
Darwin: Right. Sell at a loss if you got to. Keisha, you collectin' beef. Cut 'em close to the bone. I want him pinched, but us, I want us rollin'. Murphy, we know his patrols an' money dumps. I want raids.
Murphy: Goods or bodies?
Darwin: Goods. Bodies buy me nothin'.
Jamon: What about the girl? We lettin' her go?
Darwin: I'll deal with the girl.
Faden: We ain't lettin' her go. With her, we got an enemy an' a friend. No girl, two enemies. Simple.
Jamon: But Dar, we said --
Faden: Well, we lied.
Jamon: But --
Faden: Don' like shootin' people. Don't like lyin'. You sure you cut out for --
Darwin: Which part of enough you need explained, Faden?
Faden: ... you never let me have any fun.

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Just Us Kids
Just Us Kids
by James McMurtry

Dust-dry and brutally truthful, McMurtry is a spinner of song-stories and a virtuoso of the heartstrings. Listen with care; lyrics can cause mental whiplash.

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