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January 10, 2012

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January 10, 2012

DORA: Driver Owned Racing Association. As the name suggests, a backlash against sponsored, high-dollar racing; the association allows only driver-owned cars, usually built by the driver, caps spending, and specifies 'catalog' (eg, not custom-ordered) parts, supposedly placing the emphasis on skill.'Reality' courses (eg, street races) are favored. Kieselburg is thus one of the few places DORA isn't frowned on: street racing is technically illegal in New Ozark, as in most of the world, but as long as the Association keeps their cars in Lowtown, there is no significant enforcement.

Despite its frequent and loud claims to being a pure form of racing, DORA races produce some very significant revenues, most of it from media coverage and gambling. The actual drivers see only a little of this money, however, and as Riley indicates, it's not a sport known for participant longevity.

Re: Sal's reference to implants in panel 3: it's probably not evident given the static nature of comics and the basic crappiness of my art, but Ian's implants heavily restrict the movement of his facial muscles, meaning he looks essentially expressionless most of the time. It's a common problem, and another reason cyborgs are seen as essentially creepy.