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January 13, 2012
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Riley: A cyborg. You get the most... interesting crowd in here.
Fausto: C'est l'mendiant qui se moque de la charite (lit. 'That's a beggar making fun of charity'; equivalent to the English 'pot calling the kettle black'.) How a lawyer even found this place, I don't know.
Riley: One of my clients insisted on meeting here because he thought my office was bugged. I didn't become a public defender because I liked hanging out in swank bars. And I don't -- spend a lot of time at home, so I don't mind the ride.
Fausto: Bugged? Really?
Sal: Quenton Williams.
Fausto: Oh, yeah, I remember! 'The Walls Have Eyes' Willy! Insisted the brass had cameras everywhere. Wore boxers in the showers an' made us stand around in the cold to bitch about 'em. An' whenever he got punishment duty it was 'cause we didn't talk quiet enough. Good ol' Willy. What'd he get done for?
Riley: Assulted a policeman in front of a dozen witnesses.
Fausto: That's Willy, all right.

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