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January 20, 2012
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Riley: Oh, Arthur. You were doing so well.
Arthur: It's not like it looks, Mr. Garrett. I swear.
Riley: All right, let's hear it.
Arthur: Well... you know I got this little problem with gettin' mad....
Riley: Yes....
Arthur: So when I found out that punk had busted into my place and nicked my rod, I wanted to smash his face in, the little bastard, that'd teach him to disrespect me -- but I remembered you, Mr. Garrett. I remembered what the lady doctor said, and I did my breathin' an' I counted to ten, an' I called the cops instead. I done good.
Riley: ...Arthur, you're on probation. You can't have a gun.
Arthur: But I done good, right?

When last we saw... Riley

by Brian Wood

Matty is a journalist abandoned behind the front lines of the war for New York City. So why does he feel more at home than he ever has?

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