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February 17, 2012
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Lena: Look, my shift starts in an hour and I have to be back at school by eight AM.
Kris: I thought you weren't taking any more eight o'clock classes.
Lena: They rescheduled my lab. Kris, whatever this is, can we either get to in or talk about it later?
Kris: I think I should change my hair again.
Lena: Kris.
Kris: But I think I shouldn't change my major again.
Lena: Okay, that's... new.
Kris: Translation: 'You've never held to a major for a semester, much less five years. I am supportive but skeptical.
Lena: Well, you might be maturing. I've just been around you too long. I keep waiting for the catch.
Kris: I might be. I'm so bored, Lena. But I have to wonder -- am I bored because urban design is boring? Or am I bored because I'm still in school, still taking classes, still not actually doing anything? If I'd stuck with my first major, I'd be out of school right now.
Lena: Mmm.
Kris: Translation: 'I've told you that a thousand times, but I'm too nice to bring it up.' But then I thought, what if I suffer through the classes and then I find out, nope, it's boring after all?
Lena: Well, most people don't base their career choices on --
Kris: And that's why we're going to infiltrate a design project and spy on them.
Lena: Aaaaand there's the catch.

When last we saw... Lena - Kris

February 17, 2012
I'm afraid I'll be taking a brief break from the comic next week, as I'll be taking -- well -- a vacation. A real one! Beach and everything! I should have mentioned earlier, but I had this delusional idea, clung to until the very last minute, that I would get ahead and have comics all queued up to run while I was gone.

Yeah. Well.

(In my defense, this was the week that the Small Person learned to crawl. I'm a tad frazzled.)

I will try and have filler up on the usual update days next week, and I will be back on schedule the week of the 27th with a Tuesday comic. So a short break this time. I promise, guys.

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Staying Dead
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