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February 29, 2012

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February 29, 2012

I think I owe AlpineBob a candy bar or something -- he guessed my punchline in the comments. Dammit, AlpineBob!

And, yes, extremely late comic, no filler, things did not go as expected, I'm sorry. And double-sorries to those of you who tried to access the comic, starting sometime last week, and got redirected to UglySpamville -- yeah, site was hacked. I spent a fair bit of Monday cursing and cleaning up after some asshat who'd left base64 crap at the top of every file on the site -- and I do mean every file, close to 600 of them. Major props to RanJado, the Spiderforest site admin, for helping me sort that out before I went insane.

There is a very real chance that Friday's comic will also be late, but I'm praying to be back on track after that. Stupid spammers. Stupid overly-full life....