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May 18, 2012
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Grace: You know what, fine. I'll just take my toys an' go home. I mean, it's not like I'm the only one maintaining a network for you lot of illiterate ingrates, oui?
Sal: The signal box is fine. This goes.
Grace: Dammit, Sal --
Sal: Not on my territory, Grace. Tu vois (understand)?
Grace: Ungrateful, unreasonable, unbearable --
Lena: Bonsoir, Grace.
Grace: Your cousin is an ass.
Lena: He don't like cameras, is all.
Grace: Those are my insurance! You think figurin' out which box went down is easy as pointin'? No! Not to mention Rafe's hooligans -- I catch them messin' with my stuff, they gonna pay. But I gotta catch 'em first. 's not like I spy on people, or sit around watchin' camera feeds just for kicks half the night, or -- Hey, that reminds me. You wouldn't know a dark-haired girl started dancin' at the Vixen a week or so back? 'cause somebody tried to jump her leavin' work last night an' you would not believe what that girl can do with a set of pointy boots --
Lena: Mmm-hmm. Boy, I sure do have an unreasonable cousin.

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District 9
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