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May 29, 2012
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Murdoch: Corinne.
Corinne: You? This ain't your territory, frere. An' maybe you missed the memo, but you ain't so welcome here no --
Murdoch: I see Rafe's found a new friend. Your work?
Corinne: It ain't --
Murdoch: So why ain't you up there? Up takin' the place that Ellen Lavere left. When she got picked up by... well. By who, I wonder?
Corinne: I don't know what you -- I don't -- I -- I didn't mean to. And I gave her a way out. I did It's not my fault. ... How'd you know?
Murdoch: You were the other one stood to gain. An' I know Faden. Always sets his hooks in a woman or a boy when he can. Likes his comforts, Faden does.
Corinne: An' you? What do you like?
Murdoch: Information.

When last we saw... Murdoch - Corinne

May 29, 2012
The Spiderforest Comic of the Week is Ley Lines. The Itsuri Empire has enjoyed an unprecedented quarter-century of peace... but now the wife of its leader is dead, and her children -- Tama, Mizha, and their adoptive brother Zhiro -- find themselves in a bewildering maze of plots. Why is their father so intent on sending them away? Did their mother really kill herself? And why have the capricious, cryptic, and terrifying gods of their world chosen to involve themselves in the siblings' lives?

Ley Lines is a fascinating story set in a lovingly detailed high fantasy world with -- if by some chance I haven't sold you yet -- beautiful artwork. What are you waiting for? Go! Read!

Dragon and Thief
Dragon and Thief
by Timothy Zahn

Jack Morgan has a ship full of trouble, a cool tattoo, and a new alien friend. The problem? They're one and the same....

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