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July 3, 2012
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Rafe: Hello, fille.
Lena: Hey, Rafe.
Rafe: I got some questions for you. Who do you think you are, girl?
Lena: Hey Domi.
Domi: Hey Lena.
Rafe: You let that fancy school a yours go to you head? You forget you place?
Lena: Hey, Twoshot. How's your sister?
Rafe: Little girls don't get to butt in on the business, fille. Not without --
Twoshot: Oh my god you won't believe it! She went back to him! And when I have have a little talk with him 'bout my sister not showin' up in the middle of the night cryin' ever again, the filthy sneak tells. An' now she says -- ... uh, I mean, I'll tell you about it later. Right now I gotta beat you up.

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Winter's Orphans
Winter's Orphans
by Elaine Corvidae

An indentured, impoverished factory girl isn't much of a threat -- unless she has fae blood.But is Mina a greater danger to those she hates, or those she loves?

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