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September 4, 2012

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September 4, 2012

I haven't been doing many news posts lately, partly because the comic has been sort of intense and I felt I should, you know, let it stand alone without me blathering about how Boring Stuff Was Happening, and partly because the boring stuff is as usual eating all my time. But I felt I had to post because OH MY GOD DIGGER GOT A HUGO.

When I read this yesterday I jumped up and did the happy jig right there at work. It was even better than when Girl Genius won. Like Girl Genius, I've been following Digger forever -- I was one of the early subscribers to GraphicSmash way back when, so for once 'forever' isn't that much of an exaggeration, I really did follow it from start to end. But Ursula Vernon, the creator, is semi-local to me and so I have actually met her, which made it more real. And Girl Genius was always going to win the Hugo because, yeah, Girl Genius, whereas dearly as I love Digger, and deeply as I believed it deserved to win, I wasn't at all sure it could.

I am so, so happy that it did.

(And so, so mad that I couldn't make WorldCon this year. STUPID DAY JOB.)

Congratulations to Ursula. As for the rest of you, if by some chance you haven't read Digger, for God's sake! What are you waiting for! It won a Hugo!