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October 16, 2012
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Rafe: *enters*
Ellen: *enters*
Darwin: *enters*
Murdoch: *enters*
Pitt: Okay, kids, here's how this goes. You done got tired of you little war. So you make a truce between you, an' I witness it. You kiss, you make up, everybody goes home happy. And children? You don't settle on a price or you go back on the deal you make, you ain't broke you word to another penny-ante tete. You have wasted my time. You got any breed a wits in them pretty little heads, now would be the time to use 'em.

When last we saw... Rafe - Ellen - Darwin - Murdoch

by Elizabeth Bear

An assassin. A godbotherer. A war criminal. The government. Who would you trust? (Hint: don't pick the government.)

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