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October 25, 2012
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Darwin: The cash ain't so bad. An' I couldn't a held the territory anyhow. Did you know that? Is that why you done it? ... what's your price?
Murdoch: Only that you make no more war on me or mine.
Darwin: Only that. ... I do so swear.
Pitt: Good, good. Now kiss an' make up. What, you thought that was a metaphor?
Darwin: Oh you are kidding me.
Murdoch: He's kiddin' you. He got this shitty sense a humor.
Pitt: Hah! Okay, kiddies. Any more dramatic gestures?
Darwin: Just the one. This war is none a Asbury's an' never shoulda been. He's here because -- because to make this war I -- I knew it weren't right, but I let a man a mine -- I'd no right to drag you into this. You're owed.
Ellen: Yes I am. You made a mess on Asbury territory.
Darwin: I know.
Ellen: Your man hurt my friend, kilt a woman, an' wrecked a club that was under Asbury protection. You didn't even put him down youself. We had to do that.
Darwin: He wasn't -- I know.
Ellen: You also lost us a profitable alliance with Sullivan. So. You'll be our ally now, for so long as Rafe is tete of Asbury.
Darwin: Agreed.
Ellen: So long as that is acceptable to my tete.
Rafe: ... Yes?
Pitt: Kid, for your own sake, I hope you're good in bed.

When last we saw... Darwin - Murdoch - Ellen - Rafe

October 25, 2012
At this point I may as well say the Friday update will be sometime on the weekend. Arg. Not really very good at ending things.

On a related note, this is probably the point to say that after this storyline ends (on the not-a-Friday-update), the comic will be going on break for a little while. There's a lot of reasons for this -- I'm going on a trip next week, November is typically a busy month for me, work is going into NO. SLEEP. TILL BROOKLYN seven-day-a-week production until Christmas, my script buffer is gone, my house looks like a tornado and a toddler hit it -- but honestly, this storyline has been a bit like a marathon for me: the feeling of having pushed my limits in every direction is great, having finished, fairly successfully, even better, the pain and exhaustion makes me happy because it's a sign I did it right, but I would really like to fall over go boom now for a while.

So after the next update, the comic will go on break at least for the month of November, and very possibly for December as well. I will be calling for reader questions, and posting filler -- probably something of a dissection of how the current storyline came to happen from a writer's perspective, as I think that would be valuable for me to write out and entertaining for you. And I'll start things up again by January 1st at the latest. I'm not abandoning you guys, I promise, and there's lots of story left. But I need the breather.

Inland Territory
Inland Territory
by Vienna Teng

Beautiful piano, bittersweet lyrics, and a voice so pure as to be almost painful. If you can't catch her in concert, do yourself a favor and get the CD.

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