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October 30, 2012
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Nik: Taking a hell of a chance on that boy's conscience, weren't you? Saints, I can't believe you agreed to what you did. We'll be runnin' hungry a year or more an' you with your shoulder still blown an' you ain't listening to a word I say, are you.
Murdoch: Not as such, no.
Darwin: Murdoch! I need to talk to you.
Nik: Fuck off and die, you brat.
Murdoch: Nik. Degagez (get lost). Sorry. She don't like you much.
Darwin: Did you know? Did you know I'd back down? Is that why you did it?
Murdoch: You mean the money for Blaine, oui?
Darwin: ... He won't take it.
Murdoch: Ah? Careful of his debts, your brother. Well, perhaps you'll talk him 'round.
Darwin: Stop it. You didn't take my price for Blaine, any more than 'cause you cared that Edie -- why? Why? Just to fuck with my head?
Murdoch: Because I didn't want to kill you, petit. 'S just money. After the price we've already paid it don't seem --
Darwin: How? How have you paid? Money you don't even care about? A little blood? A girl as deserved what she got, an' weren't even one a yours? Where I lost -- Why can you take everything I care about, an' only I pay?
Murdoch: Deserved?
Darwin: Oh, come on. She let Faden play her 'cause she wanted rid of a rival. She asked for it.
Darwin: Do you think we can do that? Make the world be fair? Do you think it won't turn on us? I'll remember the offer. But I don't reckon I'll be takin' you up on it no time soon. I am done. I am done.
Darwin: What we deserve -- Blaine kept sayin' I was gonna get myself kilt, but I didn't care for that. He never said -- Why me? Why did I have to live, when Edie died? Why did, did they pay when it should have been....
Murdoch: They ain't nothin' like sellin' you life cheap to keep you alive. Universe got a sense of humor, I guess. Or maybe we just short on merciful saints.
Darwin: I still hate you.
Murdoch: Fair enough. But do me a favor. That hate ever gets to eatin' you again so you can't bear to see me live... come to me with it. We work it out between ourselves, quiet-like. No need for anybody else to go dyin'.

When last we saw... Nik - Murdoch - Darwin

October 30, 2012
And that's it. Storyline's finished. Holy mother of god, that took a while.

I really, really want to thank you guys for your support and comments and, frankly, just reading through this thing. As mentioned I took a lot of what were for me big skill jumps and big risks, and my non-writer brain spent a lot of the time chanting, 'this isn't going to work, you're not good enough to do this, no one but you will ever follow this or get this or care.' So thank you, readers, for consistantly letting me know when my writing instincts were right (not to mention when they were wrong, and I really was confusing people.) Thank you for the guessing and the worrying and the squee-ing in my comments section. Thank you for putting up with the mad pregnancy-and-child-interrupted schedule. And most of all, thank you for reading. It means the world to me.

I'm gonna take a break now and just sort of breathe and script out the next storyline for a bit, but the comic will return by New Year's at the latest. Filler starts on Friday. If anyone has any fan art I'll gladly take it! And of course, if anyone wants to ask any questions about the comic, I'll be taking those too.


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Midnight Boom
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