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Filler: How I Make The Comic

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December 8, 2012

Oh hey, extra-lame late filler! Sorry. I'd originally intended to do yet more post-game commentary today, but realized I'd kind of, well, run out of things to say. So I've moved on to reader questions.

3D art is a bit controversial. I think of it like, well... one of the thing I enjoy listening to is techno (please do not ask me which techno. I have this terrible problem with labels where I'll say 'oh this is metal' and someone (usually my husband) will correct me with 'no, that's industrial,' or 'oh, dance,' 'no, this is house,' and just when I'm getting the hang of it they start calling stuff dubstep just to fuck with me. IT IS MUSIC TO WHICH I LISTEN OKAY.) What was I talking about? Right, techno. So I like it, but I can't let my father the classically trained guitarist catch me listening to it or he'll be off on a rant about remix culture and how taking samples of other people's music and running them through a filter is not the same as creating music and we kids with our electronica and our YouTube and Hollywood never doing anything but remakes and the world is going to hell in an artistic handbasket.

And I can't actually argue with this, because no, sampling is not the same as making music. I can say, rather helplessly, that there's a lot of skill involved in a good mix. I can say that for the better DJs there's even an element of art involved. I can say that, whether it's real music or not, I enjoy listening to it. But he's right. Remixed music is not the same as getting out a guitar and playing, and it never will be.

3D art is essentially remix, and no, it's not the same as making real art. But it's a skill. I enjoy having developed this skill. And there seem to be a couple of you out there who, whether it's real art or not, enjoy what I'm making. So, you know. Thank you.