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March 12, 2013
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Ana: Don't tell me, let me guess. You blew you paycheck in la Rue de la Monde an' you were hopin' I was Sal so you could talk you way into a free bed.
Zeke: Hey, good guess! 'slike you know me or somethin'. But I was hopin' for you, actually. I'm hungry.
Ana: Zeke, you saints-cursed fool. How much did you lose?
Zeke: Not much more'n I've won other times. Anyhow, I'll pay you back. You know I always pay my debts 'fore I go to the Monde --
Ana: How long?
Zeke: Mmm?
Ana: How long you mean to be underfoot eatin' us out a house an' home?
Zeke: My boss'll call when he got work for me. It's the off season for blackout crews, mind, but he's bound to head out in a month or -- oh, nice! So do you get all your kitchen knives specially balanced for throwing or --
Ana: Seasoned in the blood of grifters.

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Midnight Boom
Midnight Boom
by The Kills

Sharp punk edge with clever lyrics and a backbeat to kill for. I picked this up after hearing 'URA Fever' as soundtrack on 'The Losers', and I'm glad I did.

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