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April 2, 2013

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April 2, 2013

Skin dancing: an art form that combines dance and reprogrammable tattoos. So as she dances the tattoos will flow, shift, and change to reflect the dance's theme and music. Skin dancing was actually developed by a Kieselburg native, but as both the creator (xenophiliac, and more than a little crazy) and the art form, which skates perilously close to cyborg-style implants for the more conservative crowd, are a bit pushing the edge for the Kieselburg elite, the dance did not see much popularity in its home city until the Emperor tapped a noted skin dancer to be one of his Imperial Companions twelve years ago. Even now the city has a somewhat embarrassed relationship with the art, appreciating the for-once-positive attention it has brought but wishing rather it had a more dignified and less disturbing way of bringing it.

The pattern changes are often preprogrammed, but this dancer's goggles (eyewear is usually a computer interface in-setting) suggest that she is doing a live control of her skin dance.

And finally, a treat! I promised you guys something nice if you got me in the Top 100 over at TWC, and, well, given that most of you were here for the writing I figured writing was the way to go. Some of you may remember a pair of letters (here and here) between Travis and his younger sister Melody, and since people have asked a couple of times for that series to continue, and people have been asking where Travis got to, well.... Vote! I'm going to try and get at least one letter up a week on Monday or Tuesday, with the usual panel preview going up on Friday, for all of April. And yes, they will be available to read somewhere after they come down off of TWC. I'll find a better place to store them soon! Running in circles this week!