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Skin Dancing

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June 1, 2013

So yeah. Still struggling to get back on track here. The good news is, I have just about finished with the database programming crunch that has been eating my time, we've hired at least one guy to make up for the, uh, three that left this spring, and my mental state is a lot better (thank you, weather gods, I needed that sunlight.) And I have stocked up about a dozen scripts and have a far better idea of what my storyline middle looks like (I always know how they end, but the middles, ah, the middles.....)

The bad news is, obviously, not yet. So in the meantime, this was some of the filler I failed to post back in December, partly because that was when my grandmother fell, partly because I looked at it and thought 'you know I may be going overboard here. EDIT!' And then I didn't. So, uh, have some overly rambling, too-late, but now-finished information on skin dancing....?