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September 10, 2013

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September 10, 2013

FINALLY. Daz didn't crash, but other than that I can't think of a single way in which this page was not cursed. Stupid technical issues. Stupid hard-to-manage emotional dialogue. Stupid real life.

So there are a couple of reasons (besides being cursed) that I am so slow lately. One -- which I really should have mentioned before -- I am going to be at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland this weekend! I am running a table for the Spiderforest webcomic collective! Besides me the folks from Chirault, Snow by Night, LaSalle's Legacy, and Prococious will all be there, along with a truly astounding number of other exhibitors. If you'll be anywhere near the DC area this weekend, drop by and see us! ETA: Our table location. How do I forget to put these things in god I'm a dork.

And second, the collective has finished another round of applications, and we have some really excellent new members this time through. Bedlam Genesis features two ordinary girls becoming reluctant dieties; The Sundown Boys are caught in a futuristic gang war; a haunted house takes over in Lapse; Evus gives us a journey through war-ravaged cloud cities; the Crimson Claw is both a good father but Supervillainous; and mafia vampires, necromancer frat boys, and the girl who's expected to clean up after them in Damsels Don't Wear Glasses. Seriously, this was a great round with a lot of variety, and I think there's something there for everyone. Check them out!