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October 1, 2013

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October 1, 2013

Oh god how is it October.

Moving on! My collective, Spiderforest, is once again doing the lovely thing we call Comic of the Week, where each week we showcase a different member of the collective. Which is a great excuse for me to babble about some really great comics so I never miss it.

First up this year is Sombulus, the world-hopping comedy story of a one-winged energy harvester out to explore the Worlds for fun and profit, his cheerful mechanic minion, and the overzealous paladin out to stop him. Or save him. Or possibly get distracted, drink too much, and wreck the bar after losing her shirt in an arm-wrestling competition. She seems slightly confused on this point.

It's a delightful comic that mixes flying toasters, sulky undead kings, and magical soap operas into a magical romp. Go check it out!