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October 19, 2013

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October 19, 2013

Gumdrops: Cluster munitions, despite wide condemnation, are still being used by both sides in the territorial conflict over St. Louis. In an attempt to get the Imperial observers off their backs, the bombs are programmed to light up after a certain period has passed -- the idea being that they will then be easy to find and defuse, or at least for civilians to avoid. This works for grownups, but unfortunately, the effect of seeing a colorful glowing object is a little different for young children.

The saints' own devil: Can't remember whether I've mentioned it, but the basic place for demons and devils in the santos cults is as servants sent to plague those who have defied the saints.

MY SCRIPT IS TRYING TO KILL ME. Please send help. If no help, send more script. (The conversion/tool upgrade thing is also killing me to a lesser degree. If you're one of the folks who're curious about this, I've put up a bit of an explanation/guide over on Facebook, which I'll add stuff to periodically.)

In better news, the comic of the week is Cetiya!

Cetiya is a marvelously weird mix of magic and cyberpunk. Pada is an Operative, using his own body as the conduit for spells channeled through the massive hardware system called ADEPT. The cost to him is everything in his brain that's not a spell, most notably his memory; outside of ADEPT, he exists only in the now. Nine, his Operator, acts as his anchor to the world, reeling him in when the hardware takes him too far, storing his memories for him... even those she wants nothing more than to forget.... It's a brilliant and extremely subtle comic, and it scratches my itch for good, brain-bending cyberpunk that isn't unnecessarily grim or bloody. Go! Read!