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January 24, 2014

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January 24, 2014

YES I KNOW I SAID TUESDAY, and yes I did follow up on the incredible generosity shown by my readership with a late update. I caught the Death Flu. On the bright side neither my husband or my kidlet caught it, so I can claim that I selflessly flung myself on the virus for them. On the downside, late update, and also I'm lying, I was probably just run down.

At any rate, thank you so much, guys. Thank you to everyone who's become a patron, thank you to everyone who's donated via Paypal, thank you to everyone who's commented or emailed (and I will be catching up on those Any Day Now, I swear) saying nice things that made me smile. It's... well, I'm still catching my breath here, but it's given me so much hope that I can pull this crazy comic thing off.

Speaking of crazy comic things -- the comic of, er, last week I'm pretty sure is Lapse!

Bianca Fortune is lost. Of course, she's been lost for a while -- drifting around, living with her mother in the elderly, creepy, possibly haunted house she grew up in, not really thinking about what she's going to do with her life -- but now... one wrong step, and Bean now knows for sure that her house is haunted. And she's discovering just how lost she can get....

Beatiful, dreamy artwork, sharp dialog, and a blend of touching and creepy I've never seen anyone pull off so well. Lapse is one of my new favorite comics. Go! Read!