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January 31, 2014

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January 31, 2014

Fingers crossed, I will be back on twice-a-week-updates next week.

Because I genuinely cannot say this enough -- thank you so much to everyone who's donated, or signed up for my Patreon, or just said nice things. It's a really big deal to me, guys. As a reminder, I am still doing the 'random donor/patron to be cameo'd in the comic' lottery thing for anyone who signs up for Patreon or donates in January, which appears to end, well, today. (I have no idea how that happened. Seriously, how is it February?)

Anyway! The Spiderforest Comic of the Week is Evus!

Wester Territt dreams of flying: of adventure, discovery, wonder, all the things made into half-remembered stories by an endless, grinding war. His sister Maisy dreams of falling: of the mysterious, deadly Lightstriders that stalk the night, of her sky island home plummetting from the sky, as other islands have, into the lethal darkness of the Underclouds. Will they stay as they are, helpless gears in the belly of the great war machine? Or will all their dreams... and nightmares... come true?

Evus is a young comic, but a strikingly beautiful one, with a very cool setting and absolutely lovely art. Go! Read!