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February 11, 2014

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February 11, 2014

So when I set up my Patreon, I said I'd put anyone who became a patron or donated in January into a random drawing to win a cameo in the comic. It's not January any more (still a little confused on how that happened, to be honest), and so the winner of the drawing is Shaharw! I dropped you a message on Patreon as well, but please get in touch with a name and/or picture you'd like me to use in the comic next time I have a need for a background character. And then we'll see how horribly I do at arting real faces....

There will not be a comic update Friday. I am doing okay catching up, actually, but I'd like to push a bit and get, you know, a bit ahead, rather than the on-schedule-no-wait hop I seem to have been pulling way too much lately. So, a skip this Friday, and hopefully back to regular twice-a-week updates after that.

Oh, and though Comic of the Week is over, I do have one last recommendation for y'all! One of my favorite fantasy writers, Laura Anne Gilman, has a Kickstarter ending on Friday that some of you might enjoy. It's set in her Casa Nostradamus universe, where current (aka electricity) is magic and the fae are real... and very, very dangerous. The novellas in the Kickstarter follow the adventures of private investigator Danny Hendrickson (ex-cop, half-faun, and all New Yorker) and his new partner Ellen, a woman with an awkwardly sized Talent for seeing the future. They're wonderful characters, alternately touching and snarky, and I am throwing you all at the Kickstarter because DAMMIT I want to read more about them. Go check it out! I swear you won't regret it.