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May 27, 2014

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May 27, 2014

And we're back! HOORAY!

A couple of public service announcements:

1) Because sanity is important, I am declaring that from here on out pages that are six panels or more count as a two-page update. So there will be no comic on Friday. Sorry, but yeah. Sanity.

2) New site design! Because, basically, I realized part of my increasing frustration with my art had to do with how small I was having to make it, and that seemed silly. But to make the comic bigger I had to move things around a bit, and since I was moving things around anyway it seemed silly not to redo a bunch of stuff that'd been bothering me, and then that needed some redesign too, and so, without ever actually intending to get into territory that was not at all the work I should be doing -- well, as Julie Czernada would put it, the next thing I knew, there I was, shaving a yak.

On the bright side I think it's much prettier. There are hairinesses. At the suggestion of the wonderful folk on Patreon, I've tried to make the image auto-scale for those of y'all without obscenely huge monitors, but the dynamics are awkward and (so far) everything I've done has made them worse, rather than better. Only the frontpage and the new F.A.Q section have the new formatting -- expect to see other stuff moved in the weeks to come, with attendant php errors and cursing. And, inevitably, despite all the testing, Stuff Happened when the new design went live, so my apologies to anyone trying to access the site around midnight. I'm sure I'll find more bugs and wonkiness over the next little while.

3) It's my anniversary. My husband has officially put up with me for eight whole years. And no one is dead! Everyone be amazed by him! I am. :)