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October 7, 2014

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October 7, 2014

Woo! Don't get your hopes up: there are entirely new and exciting forms of shitstorm currently happening at Day Job so the likelihood of a Friday update is dim. But I did have a nicely productive weekend.

The comic of the week is Sombulus!

The world-hopping comic adventures of a questionably moral one-winged magician, his cheerful mechanic minion, and the pure-hearted paladin out to stop him. Or save him. Or possibly get distracted, drink too much, and wreck the bar after losing her shirt in an arm-wrestling competition. She is slightly confused on this point.

It's a delightful comic that mixes flying toasters, sulky undead kings, and magical soap operas into a magical romp and never fails to make me laugh -- plus its creator, Christina, was my co-conspirator in getting the Spiderforest SPX 2014 table set up, and made off with my hard-earned cash when her Sombulus Kickstarter funded this year. Have a read, you won't be sorry.