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November 25, 2014

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November 25, 2014

Happy early Thanksgiving! Have a comic. New hard drive is behaving itself (although permissions errors are the devil), so I have hope there will be an actual, you know, schedule for the next little while. And no, universe. That was not a challenge.

In the meantime... the Spiderforest comic of (last) week is Stargazer's Gate!

The name of Vilanar comes with a lot of baggage... pointed ears, whispers about the Wild Folk, the threat of insanity. Atrina Vilanar would like nothing more than to leave it behind. But a one-way trip through a mysterious gate that thinks she's someone else is more 'leaving' than she bargained for....

Like me, Tiana has been struggling with the updates vs. life equation lately, but this is a quality comic whose updates are always worth the wait. Beautiful dreamy art, sharp-tongued characters, and a techno-fantasy setting... what's not to love?